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The best HARVEYS watch straps

You can use dozens of different accessories in your day to day, but none will communicate as much of you as a clock. The only gesture of tightening the watch strap and looking at the time is a symbol of elegance and distinction in both men and women. If we add to its enormous utility, we find the perfect complement for anyone.
Among the companies dedicated to design watches highlights the firm HARVEYS, brand that provides a variety of models, differing, especially in their belts, designed to complement the style impregnated by the device itself.
These interchangeable wrist watch straps will allow you to carry the same watch in different situations, transferring several clear and direct messages from one person to the rest of the world, among them, being a follower of fashion trends who likes to differentiate themselves by wearing Different quality watch straps.

The ideal watch for every moment

HARVEYS offers a wide range of watch straps, from leather straps for classic watches, to those that are exclusive in their design. All have a word gene, a series of common characteristics that make them different from the rest: their style and price, very economical.
So you can check what are some of the strap models for watches that HARVEYS has in their collection and that most resemble the style you are looking for, we have chosen 5 watch straps with different look, and that will allow the same watch to be worn in different moments.

Buy leather straps online

HARVEYS gives you the opportunity to buy quality classic watch straps. Leather is what it has, that does not go out of style, being a product that attracts attention, that is attractive and that does not cause discomfort when worn.
In addition, its elegance joins its versatility. A watch with a leather strap can be worn in different places and at any time.
To extend the range of possible combinations with this type of watches, HARVEYS has created leather belts of the same quality but of different colors, which we will see next.

5 HARVEYS watch straps that you can not miss

Camouflage strap

For a few years, camouflage clothing has been included in the fashion trends, ceasing to be the exclusive design of the military and hunters.
With its brown and green tones, this strap is very similar to this style. If your intention is to use this camouflage strap, know that it will provide an informal look that can be combined with a sporty and unusual image. At the same time, it will reaffirm values ​​such as youth and firmness, personality and resistance.

Brown leather strap

It is a strap designed to give prominence on an aesthetic level and can be combined with a variety of watch spheres, achieving a totally unique finish. The use of brown, in addition to being a classic, respects the original tonality of the material, which is none other than leather.
With a watch with a brown leather strap, you can start to forget those worries like the clock you should use depending on the situation, because you can use it any time: meetings, outings, appointments … Without forgetting that it is the gift that never fails.

Black leather strap

There is nothing that exceeds the elegance provided by these black leather watch straps. If you are an executive and wear a suit daily, it will allow you to easily combine it with other accessories such as belts or shoes.
This strap is one of the most used, both for its style and for its discretion.
Leather gives that necessary touch of maturity to the watch and personality that is required at many times of the day. But you can also give your style of rock dyes creating an image of being hard. It will not say anything bad about you, just the opposite.

Red watches traps

Nothing escapes HARVEYS, not even the smallest detail. If black was the color of discretion, red, on the other hand, is the color of protagonism. This leather strap stands out with any dial with which it is used.
Not only will they turn into a striking element to the watch, but they will also raise their presence, becoming an ideal gadget to be combined with costumes of colors, catchy to this tonality or modern style. It is one of the most used belts by younger customers, regardless of the gender to which it belongs.

Pink Straps

In many symbols and logos with international recognition, pink is used as a color to represent women. This leather strap tinted in pink is designed to be a faithful complement to this idea, so we will not deny that the final destination will end in the wrist of a woman with class, who likes to dress respecting a line of classic and feminine fashion.
As you can see, this collection of HARVEYS leather straps is exquisite, giving, in turn, enough play. With an affordable price for any pocket, they will become the ideal gift for any event.

And you, have you already decided which one goes the most with your personality?